Can an element have multiple CSS classes? Yes!

This paragraph has three classes attached.

How about separating behavior from content markup and styling? Yes!

Mouseover this paragraph, which does not have a mouseover event handling attribute defined. See the text in red below for the result.

If your content is clean, but thoroughly labeled, you can add logic and behavior separately!

This is a paragraph with custom attributes. This may be invalid in terms of strict XHTML.
Mouse over to see if it works.
See the text in red below for the result.

See A List Apart's "JavaScript Triggers" article for more detail and examples.

What about treating first letters and lines differently with CSS? Yes!

What are we doing? Making the first line all uppercase. Making the first letter twice as large.

What about fiddling with letter and word spacing? Yes!

How do these letters look?

How do these words look?

Fiddling with Text

Note that this section is almost a complete lift from QuirksMode.

This is the test text.

What about the Z-index?

This is div 1.
This is div 2.
This is div 3.