Kevin Munc
Abstract: Resume (CV) for an enterprise application architect and senior developer. Core technologies: Java, J2EE, XML, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Unix, Windows, Tomcat, WebSphere, Oracle, Struts, JUnit, Eclipse.

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Kevin's Primary Skills and Technologies:

A more comprehensive skill and experience list.

Kevin's Professional Highlights:

Nationwide Financial

Application Architect - Consultant, IT Application Development

Information on my earlier work experience.

Kevin's Education:

The Ohio State University

Columbus, OH
Bachelor of Arts, June 1995

Major: Philosophy
Minor: History
GPA: overall- 3.0/4.0, major- 3.2/4.0

Kevin's Future Plans and Goals:

I am constantly working to improve my skills in the art and science of software design and the development process. I enjoy learning new tools and technologies. At this point in my life, I have no aspirations to move into a non-technical management position. I want to remain technically oriented, continue problem solving, leading projects from a technical standpoint, and mentoring others. I enjoy being involved both in defining the big picture and implementing the nitty gritty details --from design to deployment, "From Buzz to Built"-- using both bleeding edge R&D along with pragmatic, proven solutions. I strive to be one of the "go to" people, one of the "gurus". My former employers did not want to see me leave, and I believe future employers will feel the same way.

Kevin's other Interests:

My favorite pastime is playing with my son Xander and daughter Quinn! They're both awesome, amazing and tons of fun!

Prior to having kids, my wife, Heidi, and I did a lot of traveling. In addition to several domestic trips, we've been to Hong Kong (three times! we love it!), mainland China, Thailand, Macau, Czech Republic, Ireland (twice), Scotland and England. We plan to get Xander and Quinn travel-ready soon so we can pick up where we left off!

With the help of my brother-in-law, Mike, we extensively remodeled our previous house in Clintonville, and have now started all over again on our current house in Upper Arlington.

When not working or playing with the kids, I enjoy playing guitar and composing music or going out to see movies with my wife. I also do quite a bit of reading: mostly science, philosophy, and biographies. Of course, I also read quite a bit of computer-related material.

Contact Information:

Phone number:  614-486-0502

Location:  Columbus, Ohio

You can email me here.

As an aside, here's how you pronounce my last name: with a 'soft c', like in "excellence"  ;-)  You say it almost as if it was spelled M-U-N-T-Z.

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